Cloud Adoption Strategy

Cloud is a term coined in the early 90s in the world of technology which meant sharing of resources or computation power. After the millennium’s dawn it has moved from a mere technical term to an emerging technology. There have been fears of security, fears of data loss, fears of all kind. However, today irrespective of any apprehensions or debates, the techno-world is fast adopting cloud strategies.

Technology solutions, irrespective of what they offer and where they are offered are not something that may be suited to every enterprise or SME, off the shelf. The app world today has numerous niche and innovative technologies built to address a lot of individual problems. However, the omnipresent problem of working-together. In other worlds, integration-ability, scalability and compatibility still remains, unless solutions are adopted with the big picture in mind.

SMAC Sol precisely understands these sensitive areas. Our experts who provide a 360-degree view, help organizations built brilliant enterprise level cloud strategies. We first evaluate your entire organization’s current processes and future requirements. Removing a lot of redundancy, we design frameworks which become the blueprint for the cloud adoption. These frameworks are not mere infrastructure designs, yet they provide application design and optimization guidelines too.

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Amazon Web Services

Successful businesses are adopting to a dynamic new ways of operating, approaching IT as a business driver. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps remove obstacles to innovation like high costs and complexity, thus ensuring a healthy bottom-line. AWS increases flexibility and empower their employees to collaborate and share information seamlessly and securely.


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End to End IT Consulting

SMAC Sol is an expert in setting up organizations. We mean “End to End” when it comes to the IT needs of any enterprise by planning, commissioning and supporting requirements like Structured cabling, CCTV, data center deployment, application modeling and deployment, setting up networks and perimeters, licensing for various requirements, biometrics and more.

Our team of experts have deployed designed and implemented infrastructure for various clientele across geographies. Geographies which have been climatically unfavorable for infrastructure deployments.

SMAC Sol is partnered with several large, niche and SME level OEMs which helps it deploy cost-effective, integration-friendly, End to End solutions. Talk to our experts before …

Setting up a new company | Going for an infrastructure overhaul | Performance issues | Migrations | Licensing

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